-Cerveceros de México-

3rd Cerveceros de México Festival





April 2016

Mexico is one of the world’s main beer exporter and consumer, there is no doubt that Mexicans love beer. The beer industry is a fundamental pillar for the nation’s economy. Love of beer is a part of our lifestyle.

The Association of Mexican Brewers spearheaded the spread of beer culture and one of its main actions has been accomplishing a beer festival. The success of the festival has been such that its third edition was held on 16 and 17 April at the Sports Lomas Altas bringing together 39 brands of beer, both industrial and artisanal and becoming a tradition for all beer lovers.


The third edition of the festival sought to continue positioning Mexican Brewers as ambassadors of beer culture in Mexico, and to offer a great experience to attendees.

Challenge –

There are many beer festivals popping up all the time, and in this context for the third edition of the festival, how can we motivate beer lovers to attend and offer them a quality experience?

The idea –

Our proposal was an event that would re-educate and empower the mindset to enjoy beer, appreciate and celebrate beer in our country. We would emphasized that all beers start from the same source: barley, hops, yeast, and water .

The festival explored this connection unbiasedly through all actions and amenities, which allowed us to immerse ourselves in the essence of the beers regardless of brands.

How did we do it? –

We offered a lot of amenities and activities to communicate the gist of the festival : THE DNA OF BEER . We installed a sensory museum where you could go and experience the steps for making beer. We had wine pairing workshops and special tastings , more than 20 food trucks with recommendations for pairings, a central bar according to beer styles for attendees to easily identify. For music we had Rey Pila, Romantic Zacatecas and a DJ set by Gil Cerezo, and singer Kinky. This year we also incorporated a stand up comedy show by Sofia Niño de Rivera.


In order to communicate the festival we decided to create the concept: THE DNA OF BEER, based on the rational that the festival sought to communicate, which is that beer is made from four key elements: barley, hops, yeast and water.

“Beer lovers experience the DNA of beer”

What were the results of the event?

+5,500 beer lovers

Over the two days of the festival, we had an a attendance of more than 5,500 beer lovers.

Union in the beer industry

We had more than 39 brands present, some industrial, some artisanal, demonstrating the union in the beer industry.

Record beer consumption

We sold more than 22,000 beers, with an average per capita consumption of 4.1 beers.

Massive activity on social media

We had a great amount of activity on social media the hashtag #SoyCervecero had a range of almost 3 million hits and we increased our social media community by + 20 %