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Mexico has always been recognized for painting and the vast number of artists who have used this medium as their primary language, so we decided to do a project that highlights the importance of painting in national contemporary art.

Painting in Mexico, although it is not dead nor dying, does not receive the same attention or spread as other contemporary art forms.


To reposition painting in Mexico through an interdisciplinary platform covering research, documentation, and dissemination. At the same time creating a testimony by publishing an editorial and cinematic project, and a non-profit collection.

Challenge –

How to communicate the importance of painting as an artist and conceptual language, while simultaneously achieving a link between creators, the general public and the media.

We created a non-profit platform aimed at the promotion, dialogue, creation and dissemination of contemporary Mexican painting. From an open call, we selected 10 artists, each of whom produced a work to be a part of the Colección de Bastidores. All of the pieces were available to the public as cultural heritage and displayed current artistic production.

Once we had made the selection process, Bastidores organized a focused dialogue week where we invited experts relevant to the topics the artists selected. Among the people who helped us that week were Willy Kautz (curator), Hilario Galguera (gallery collector), and Sebastián Romo (artists).

For the production process, the artists’ work was documented by 10 contemporary filmmakers. An individual catalogue was also made for each artist.

Bastidores will be held every other year.


We created a platform that was developed based on three main phases:

Creation: We actively engaged in the production process for each artist’s work and took on a shared risk with them.

Dialogue: We held a dialogue week where we met with external experts. The artists presented their work and had the opportunity to share work amongst themselves.

Documentation: We documented the whole creation process. We were interested in capturing the production not only as the final step in the project, but as an opportunity to deepen and investigate the work of each of our 10 artists.


La palabra “bastidor” se refiere al armazón en donde se fijan los lienzos para pintar y es así que concebimos el proyecto, como una estructura de apoyo a la pintura en México.

«Bastidores looks for artists whose medium is paint, that will create a piece of art, a dialogue, and document their creative process».

What were the results of the project?

Large calling

We received more than 200 applications from artists in Mexico City.

Important alliances

We had the support of important institution such as: The Cultural Center for digital and Film UNAM as well as companies including Carl Zeiss.

Large public interest

More than 1,000 attendees for all the activities during “Week of dialogue”.

Amplification through media

Various media took an interest in the project including Reforma, La Jornada, Notimex, GAS TV and Culture Collective.