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BESTIA is an international music festival that includes audiovisual activities for an audience interested in risky proposals. It is held once a year in the most emblematic cultural venues in Mexico City. Since its first edition, Bestia has distinguished itself by presenting the most representative artists of the avant -garde scene, jazz, rock, hardcore and experimental music, allowing for musical acts and bands that can hardly be seen in other venues in the country.

This festival is an initiative of Estudio Paraíso and Volumen ACHE. In it’s most recent edition, it expanded its program with the support of Auditorio National, who acted as co-organizer and host for the 2015 edition.

Some of the artists who have participated in previous editions are: John Zorn, Mike Patton, John Medeski, Trevor Dunn, Joey Baron, Neurosis, The Ex, Marc Ribot, Han Benink, Ray Anderson, Bob Stewart (SIC) Monogatari and Anapura and 25 other musicians.


To be a unique festival that offers space to accommodate movie and band proposals that cannot be seen in other venues in our country. Artistic and sound quality are the vocation of the festival.

Challenge –

Artistic and sound quality are the main focus of the Festival. BESTIA commitment: to create unique live experiences, with acts outside the margins of mainstream artists and bands that cannot easily be seen on other stages in our country.

The idea –

All activities were curated by New York musician John Zorn, one of the most important exponents of jazz and avant -garde in the world under the Cycle John Zorn Mexico.

To close out the Festival, we did something spectacular, Latin America’s premier representative of the German expressionist film, El gabinete del Dr. Caligari, restored and performed live by John Zorn who executed the first Órgano Monumental del Auditorio Nacional: the largest instrument in Mexico, Latin America and the seventh in the world in a special event to highlight the organ.

How did we do it? –

For its third edition we decided to do something bigger for Bestia, with the co-production and support of the National Auditorium, we combined Auditorium and Lunario experience during the festival weekend.


Bestia presented artists whose contributions have definitively changed the course of music history; their sounds, which are always difficult to categorize, are enriched by elements from jazz, rock, hardcore and constantly experimenting vanguard.

“A festival for an audience interested in risky performances”

What were the results of the event?

+24,000 spectators

More than 15 thousand attendees for all three editions of Bestia.

Alliances with cultural institutions

We got the trust and support of institutions like the Secretaría de Cultura de la CMDX, the Fondo Mixto de Promoción Turística CDMX, CONACULTA and the Auditorio Nacional.

+9 million impacts

More than 9,450, 250 impacts on our social media sites, media allies and opinion leaders.

Large media coverage

We supported more than 100 media representatives, resulting in over 400 posts on the event and an ROI of more than 14 million pesos.