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Reinventing the
way and the act
to give flowers

Flowers Boutique


April 2017

Reinventing the know-how and the act of giving flowers as a present.

The human fascination for flowers started with the appearance of humans. There are records of flower harvests and flower presents as mystical and ceremonial acts since cultures so old as the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

Our country has one of the greatest flora varieties that translate into infinite types of flowers than can be found in popular markets and greenhouses. However, the tradition of giving flowers as a present has come to a stop, reduced to romantic gestures on dates like Mother’s Day and funeral services. This stop can be related also to the little variety of flowers used for bouquets: roses, sunflowers and carnations.


Create a concept to reinvent the act and the way of gifting flowers in a simple and elegant manner, generating harmonious bouquets and overwhelming installations that tackle flower decoration as a unique and fresh perspective, always connecting creativity with the client’s desire.

Reto –

In a country with a great variety of flowers, and a great tradition of flower-gifting, how can a fresh, elegant and creative proposal be established?

La idea –

Create a flower boutique that adapts and goes accordingly with the art and design trends that are surging in Mexico City. A place that creates bouquets in a newfangled, fresh and simple way. That’s why we created a modular process of five steps to help you pick out your ideal flowers to gift. Furthermore, we offer a curated selection of Mexican jewellery brands, artisan soaps, chocolates, books, decor items and plants to create a real gift shop with the best of tastes in order to reinvent the act of gifting.

Following its concept and essence, CASA SELVA is located at Edificios Condesa, one of the most emblematic buildings of that neighborhood. Built in 1911, with an eclectic style and Art Deco influences, located in Mazatlan #5, Local 5, Col. Condesa, Del. Cuauhtemoc, CP 06140, CDMX.


We decided to create a unique method for the flower bouquet arrangements, which are composed by 8 color pallets that strive from warm and earthy like yellow and brown, to violet and turquoise.

Starting from there, we established a simple dynamic for the flower order:

1) Choose three sizes (small, medium and large)

2) Choose a base (bouquet or flower vase)

3) Choose color palette and style (standard and deluxe)

4) Indicate the occasion (gift of home)

5) Indicate specific demands such as favourite flowers or any flower allergy

We also decided to split from the classic red rose flower branches, and we offer the uncommon species of branches such as protea, antirrhinum (best known as perrito) and santolina.

We took this scheme to the digital field, to our website http://casaselva.mx/, where we also implemented the modular sale of 5 spots, so you can place your bouquet and flower arrangements orders online, with the sole purpose of creating a simple shopping process.


We thought about the characteristics and aspects of the SELVA (jungle), as one of the most important ecosystems in our planet that appeals to different sensations, such as freshness, abundance, and vitality. That is how CASA SELVA is born, to offer a multi-sensorial experience to everyone seeking beauty in nature.

But the most important task was to simplify the act of giving flowers as a gift in a simple, atemporal and genderless manner. Regardless if you are a man or a woman, we can all gift and receive flowers every day of the year without complications and prejudices.

«Floral decoration from a unique and fresh perspective».

What results were obtained with the place?

Community of clients

In only 3 months, we have created a solid community of clients and flower lovers.

Media presence

More than 15 publications in the principal trend and lifestyle media: CoolHunter, Elle, Time Out and Local. Moreover, Hotbook named CASA SELVA as the best flower store in Mexico City.

Social network impact

Through our networks and influencers, we have achieved more than 250 K impressions in a month.

Special offer

We have made seasonal offers, such as Mother’s Day, and recently, Father’s Day, that have had a great impact on media and social network.