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Cerveza Dual





September 2016

Mexico and Germany are two countries with very different cultures, art, language, gastronomy, population and geography.

In the framework of the Dual year between Mexico and Germany (a friendly program between the governments of both nations that promotes interdisciplinary exchange of cultures) we decided to bring the two nations together through a common denominator.


Cerveceros de México, the organization that brings together the main producers of beer in Mexico including Modelo and Heineken, entrusted us with prominent project to be built in the framework of the Dual Year Mexico and Germany, something that would have an impact in both countries and at the same time reflect our kinship.

Challenge –

To create something outside the box with activities different than other activities generated within the Dual Years framework. How could we make action between two counties so different? We decided to search for common grounds, and that discovery was simple: Beer. The real challenge, however, was bringing together the great breweries of both countries to create a single beer together.

The idea –

We created Cerveza Dual, the first brand of beer in the world that combines the best master brewers of both countries; the best joint formula, and the best ingredients from Mexico and Germany in one bottle. Also, for the first time in history managed to unite the two largest breweries in the world (Heineken and AB InBev) for its production.

In this way we demonstrated to the world what two expert beer countries are capable of when they come together, allowing people to literally taste the best of each culture in one beer.


Between Mexican and German brewery masters from the principle breweries as well as artisanal, the recipe was created. 40,000 cases were produced for both countries that, with the help of the Mexican Government, the German Embassy in Mexico and the Mexican Embassy in Germany, were present at the main events in Munich, Berlin and Mexico City with more than 5,000 guests in parallel, taking advantage of Oktoberfest for the launch.

At the same time these events were taking place, we promoted this edition in different Heineken and AB InBev consumption centers, which led the first round of product to sell out, forcing permanent production for the remainder of the Dual year to supply the demand in both countries.


What is this common denominator for Mexicans and Germans? Beer. That is how we decided to make this unprecedented project, the first beer made between Mexico and Germany, all within the framework of Dual Year, an intergovernmental program between both nations. And that is how we decided to name our creation: Cerveza Dual / Duales Bier

«Because the best of Germany and Mexico deserved to be had in a single drink».

What were the results of the campaign?

Producto Agotado

Product sold out just days after launching.

Gran impacto en Digital

+15 million impacts on social media, generating conversation in both Mexico and Germany simutaneously.

Cobertura de +140 medios

+140 national and international media outlets announced the launch.

Gran cifra de Earn Media

+$6 million Pesos in ROI generated through Earn Media.