-Cuervo Tradicional-

Calavera Edition


A contemporary celebration for a millenary tradition.



November 2016

The Day of the Dead is a millenary tradition rooted in the essence of our country, that had gone unnoticed by the alcohol brands, specially tequila brands, that focus their efforts in other holidays and temporary trends.


Create a tribute to one of the most important traditions for Mexicans, as well as increasing the sales and rotation of tequila José Cuervo Tradicional Plata by 10%. This would be achieved by a disruptive special edition, unique in its category, that reinforces its root attributes, tradition and the brand’s innovation.

Reto –

How to become a protagonist in one of the most important and worldwide representative traditions in Mexico? Once the special edition is conceived, how can we communicate it and amplify it out of bounds?

La idea –

We designed a commemorative art for the tequila bottle, that would become a special edition, conjugating the most representative symbols of the Day of the Dead traditions. This art transformed into becoming the image of the whole campaign, and the icon set precedent for different experiences, interactions and events for the consumer.


In order to bring to life this special edition, we created the following activities:
For the launch, we invited high impact digital media like Cultura Colectiva, CoolHunter, Hotbook, among others, in order to boost the positioning of Tradicional Calavera through Digital PR, with broadcasts through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with images exclusively created for each one of these networks. This way, we showcases the Edición Especial Calavera de Cuervo Tradicional, using the hashtag #CalaveraEsTradicional.
We created a digital sponsorship with presence on Premium media through display (banners). The brand used, for the first time, the innovative Facebook format known as CANVAS. The traffic generated by the sponsorship was focused on Bodegas Alianza, where the consumer could buy the product online.
On the eve of Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia (FICM), we launched an exclusive Calavera Tradicional party, where we relied on the presence of national and international media, influencers, and celebrities. We also relied on interviews, press conferences and cocktail parties. This encouraged the media to create articles and publications related to Cuervo Tradicional’s special edition.
We celebrated the Noche Catrina, which was a gala party during the Day of the Dead eve, at the Plaza de Toros of Guadalajara. This party had an assistance of 3,000 people, and an important impact on social media.
We also created the first cultural route of the Day of the Dead, Tradición Hecha Recorrido, where we presented the launch of Calavera to all our audience through an altar-type installation, offering our guests an unforgettable experience, wrapping up our celebration with a tour on a train, where girls were dressed up as Catrinas and legend tellers. We had presence with our product in 16 different culture landmarks at Coyoacan, in a 1.4 km ratio, starting from the Museo de la Acuarela, and finishing in the Frida Kahlo Museum. We wrapped up this tour with drinks at La Celestina bar.
To communicate Calavera in a 360 degree range, we completed our amplification with publicity all around Mexico City, on ad cartels, digital screens, fences, landmarks located under highway bridges and malls, besides offers in consumer enters and point of sale.


We created José Cuervo Tradicional CALAVERA edition a presentation that represents one of our traditions which we feel more proud. A celebration full of color, flavors and Mexican essence. From a country that looks to the future without forgetting its past.

«A limited edition commemorating the Day of the Dead tradition».

What were the results of the campaign?

Sales Increase

During the Oct-Nov 2016 period, Tradicional Plata grew 48% in sales and 11% in rotation compared to the previous year.

ROI on Earn Media

A $5,423,293.11 ROI was created on earned media, with more than 380 media that reviewed our different event and activities.

Great impact on social network

30,590,530 impressions, and 1,125,993 of total interactions on social network around Tradicional Calavera.

Video views

We achieved more than 1,808,687 views in the different contents generated among spots, videos, caps and video recaps.