Facebook Camp







These days Facebook has become an extension of our lives. It helps us connect with people, communicate, and say what we are thinking. But for brands, Facebook is more than a simple social media platform – it is a business partner.


We approached the leading brands in Latin America to teach them new tools that Facebook has to help them achieve their digital objectives in simple and direct way and showing the brands why Facebook should their main digital investment.

Challenge –

How to get attention from potential Facebook advertisers with an extremely full agenda and little free time to contact them?

The idea –

When people have a break from activities or want to distract themselves, they go on Facebook. With so many users and all the tools Facebook offers to advertisers, brands don’t have many reasons to not advertise there!

With that in mind we decided to create Facebook Camp, a series of live sessions and tutorials on our new tools that help our advertisers perform better, make a better investment and increase the scope of their brands.


All through a closed group where, thanks to a Facebook database, we invited brand managers, owners, small to medium sized businesses, and agency directors to join the group and access webinars with featured speakers that showed the benefit and potential of using Facebook business tools.

After each session there was a pop-up quiz and whoever responded correctly was awarded with badges. At the end of the 10 Facebook Camp sessions, these badges took three people to tour the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California. With this incentive and the interesting content, interaction and expectation in every webinar began to grow.


Like that we created FACEBOOK CAMP a digital camp through a closed Facebook group where our potential clients had access to first hand information and webinars with the reward being their newfound knowledge of Facebook business tools for their businesses and brands.

«A fun space to demonstrate all the benefits of investing in Facebook».

What were the results of the platform?

1500+ members

More than 1,500 active members (our initial KPI was 150).

Increase in database

400 average requests per month leading to a 300% increase in our database.

400+ webinar views

400 viewers at each webinar with an 18 minute average per user.

Impacting our services

15 new voluntary elite speakers elite in 2017 and +300% usage of Facebook business tools.