Summit 2016





February 2016

Facebook is not just a social network, it is one of the most important companies in the world. A company that has accomplished what few have – it is part of our daily life and a keystone of modern society. It is a way to communicate, relate to each other, and above all, a place to advertise.


To develop and produce an event where Facebook leaders were able to give the tools and products to potential customers: the actors of the digital industry in Mexico.

Challenge –

New technologies and platforms are emerging all the time. How could we generate an event that is an enriching experience for brands and businesses? And at the same time, and event that reflects Facebook as the best option to invest in digital advertising.

The idea –

Facebook Summit 2016: The Shift was a meeting where leaders of different categories of Facebook, shared tools with their customers for different solutions to connect with people they care about and grow their business.

We had talks from:

– Jorge Ruíz Escamilla, Country Manager Mexico and Central America
– Carolyn Everson, VP Global Marketing Solutions
– Diego Dzodan, VP Latam

We also had and off-stage where our audience could meet other entrepreneurs who increased their sales thanks to Facebook.

How did we do it? –

Emphasized two messages: our platforms and business growth opportunities. We generated a series of off- stage experiences as the SMB bazaar: a showcase of local small businesses, who have 95% of sales made via FB and Instagram. We had an Instagram area with photo booth, Relax Zone for coexistence between guests, a barbershop and Poster Lab with illustrations by emerging designers inspired by Facebook and their platforms.


So we created Facebook : The Shift in experience where leaders of Facebook would meet Mexican entrepreneurs. Mirroring what we are experiencing: a change in the way we do business through online advertising, where Facebook is a leader.

“Learn about everything that Facebook can do for your business.”

What were the results of the event?

+1,000 attendees

+1,000 attendees and leaders in digital advertising.

Off Stage experiences

 The off-stage experience linking-up and networking between entrepreneurs created a number of key contacts.

Important guests

We had speakers that are top in the industry as well as members from our main partners.

Increased contacts

Thanks to the event we were able to obtain a solid database, ensuring contact with key figures for the development of Facebook and their platforms.