Event Marketing


March 2016

In 1972 , the Rolling Stones began a US tour that marked the history for both the group and for the music industry. The tour went from being a simple means of promotion to be large cultural event.

To honor Cuervo Tradicional, we made a special edition bottle with the commemorative emblem of the famous Rolling Stones tongue.

Taking advantage of the band performance on the Olé Tour 2016, that took them through the main cities of Latin America coming to Mexico City to perform two memorable concerts. Riding on this framework we made a spectacular party to celebrate the special edition and above all, the legacy of one of the biggest rock bands in history and of course, the best tequila in Mexico.


To take advantage of the Rolling Stones visit to CDMX with a spectacular and exclusive party in a single location. An abandoned hotel, considered an architectural jewel, located on the most important avenue of the city.

Challenge –

How to achieve a unique event in the midst of such of a memorable week and in the city? Everyone had their tickets for the Rolling Stones concert, but we should have the event they all wanted to go.

The idea –

To achieve a memorable party we had to impregnate it with the DNA of glamor and legend shared between the Rolling Stones and Cuervo Tradicional . And what better way to do that inviting someone who has the DNA of a Rolling Stone; Alexandra Richards, daughter of Keith Richards, who was in charge of the music throughout the night.

How did we do it? –

We took advantage of all the fury of the visit of the Rolling Stones to make a legendary party and present the special edition. The location was spectacular and the music was provided by Alexandra Richards, daughter of the legendary Keith Richards, guitarist of the Rolling Stones.


It all started when a bartender in The Trident, a bar in San Francisco, gave Mick Jagger a taste of Jose Cuervo Tequila for the first time, which immediately became the band’s favorite, and the drink that would accompany the Stones on tour that became legendary.

“A tribute to the legendary tour of one of the biggest rock bands in history.”

What were the results of the event?

2,000+ attendees

More than 2,000 attendees between trendsetters and socialites of the city.

Made noise on social media

The party sparked a huge amount of buzz on social media, generating more than 250,000 impacts.

+100 media communications

The party sparked a huge amount of buzz on social media, generating more than 250,000 impacts.

ROI in media

More than 2.5 million pesos en return on investment in media.