-Hangar 1 Vodka-





United States

May 2016

In the past years California has experienced one of the worst droughts in its history. This is a grave problem that affects the environment and puts a large impact on the local economy.

Hangar 1 is a brand of vodka from Alameda, California whose main ingredient is water.

What could Hangar 1 do to face this disaster and, by doing so, help the community and environment?


To search an alternative source of water to produce Hangar 1, resolve the shortage, contribute to local sustainability and generate a boost for the brand.

Challenge –

How to achieve an action that will help reverse the water shortage, the main ingredient used to produce vodka? This solution would also have to be 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The idea –

Alameda is part of the Bay Area, famous for being of the areas with the most fog in the world. And what is fog? Basically condensation. The solution was right in front of our eyes

We decided to create Hangar 1 Fog Point, the first brand of vodka made with water from fog, a sustainable product most representative of its place of origin.


In order to create the product we sought an alliance with “Fog Quest”, a non-governmental organization focused on water conservation that works to create sustainable water sources from fog. With the help of this organization we created fog catchers, a meshes made from a special net placed at strategic points around the San Francisco Bay area.

Each one of these fog catchers can obtain 400 liters of fresh water per day, which is then filtered and processed to be used for crafting Hangar 1 Fog Point Vodka. This gave us an enormous presence in all media, from TV to digital.

In addition, we made a documentary about the whole process that had a big impact in social media.


We created Fog Point, the first vodka made with fog from the Bay Area, which besides being an innovative product, benefits the California community though its sustainable production. This idea allowed us to have a great PR impact with unpaid presence. Fog Point became an icon for reuse of existing resources and has served as an example for other industries in the US and around the world.

«The solution was in front of our eyes, a vodka produced with water captured from the fog».

What were the results of the launching?

Gran impacto en redes

+45 million impression with presence in all social networks.

Cobertura televisiva

Digital and television coverage all over the United States and the world with more than 6 million impacts.

Documental del proceso

+600 thousand organic reproductions on Youtube of the short film about the creation process and elaboration of Fog Point.

Gran volumen de Earn Media

Sold out of all product two weeks after launching with 1.7 billion PR impacts.