-Fórmula E-

Mexico City Grand Prix





April 2017

For the second consecutive year Mexico was part of the schedule for the world championship of electric vehicles: Formula E.

For an event in this category a second edition is the critical point for its survival amongst a robust agenda of activities in Mexico City.

In its first season, Mexico City ePrix did not receive the visibility and attendance that it hoped. Considering Mexico is a country that loves motor racing and sporting events in general, something was going to have to change.


To launch and promote Mexico City ePrix in their second year to assure greater visibility, attendance and interaction than it’s first year and to target three specific audiences, urbanites, millennials, and young families, through and print and social media campaign.

Challenge –

How to successfully position Forumla E in its second year in Mexico? We must communicate fluently its principles: energy, environment and entertainment across a country with a passion for races.

The idea –

The proposal focused on digital, mainly Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with a strong web presence. We generated our own content and adapted the global Formula E content to fit the Mexican market.

We also reinforced the strategy with a print campaign in the major print media with a major national push in the last three months leading up to the race.


We generated the content to be suitable for the Mexican audience, taking advantage of social media segmentation and optimization tools to impact our target market and hook online users and transform their interest into attendance.

We took creative leaps and transformed ideas into content that leveraged the international aspect of the event, showing content from previous races around the world, we introduced the pilots and the emotion that pumps up teams, and most importantly, we highlighted the sustainable technology used in all facets of the event with and the mission to prevent damage to the environment.


The concept surrounding Mexico City ePrix was competition, speed, and sustainability: a one day event that combines music, motorsport and entertainment to deliver a unique experience.

«The Mexico City ePrix exceeded it’s first edition in attendance and experience and became the best race of the year».

What were the results of the campaign?

Increased attendance

More than 30,000 attendees the day of the event, a 20% increase from the year before.


#MexicoCityePrix was trending for 12 hours on Twitter the day of the event with 44,885 tweets that generated 432,819,489 impressions.


More than 27,000 fans and followers on the local pages created for the 2º edition of Mexico City ePrix.

Media reach

More than 28 millon social media users reached and 11,931,000 impacts made in the media by 65 insertions.