Mexico City

June 2016

Mexico is a country where soccer is passion. It is the most popular sport and causes more emotions and feelings each time the ball rolls . We learn to kick the ball from the time we are young . Therefore, it was necessary that Mexico had a festival dedicated to the sport and identified us as Mexicans, and so arrived : GOLA


We searched to break the boundaries of soccer to appeal to all kinds of audiences in a new, relevant and fun way.

Challenge –

In a country where soccer is the most important sport and one of the most popular forms of entertainment, how could we create an event that is attractive and innovative to everyone?

The idea –

We decided to create an event that became a day dedicated to celebrating soccer. We would make it one of the most diverse and rich expressions of humanity through various pillars that surrounded the sport: Music, Art, Discussion Forums , Video and the practice of this sport in a new, unique way: A 3 vs. 3 tournament, providing gender inclusion by organizing the tournament in a male and female branch.


We had a day totally inspired by soccer with various activities never before seen in an event dedicated to this sport:

GOLA FORUM: The perfect place for an encounter between characters who come from or have been inspired from various aspects of the soccer world. We were graced by the presence of Raul ” El Pony ” Gutierrez, Hector Gonzalez Inarritu , Marco Fabian , Sopitas , Rulo , Xavier Velasco , Marion Reimers, Juan Soccer , Vice Sports , Horacio de la Vega , among others.

MUSIC: No one could miss the performance of two emerging nation artists: Rey Pila and Sotomayor.

THE GAMBETA: A place where football was manifested through spectacle and passion. We also had a Gaming Zone by XBOX tournament for all soccer video game lovers to compete in a tight match.

ART SHOW: We reserved a space for art inspired by this beautiful sport. Important urban artists were present who performed performed their work live throughout the event: Smithe , Aldo Lugo and Spike Spaik .


So we created GOLA , the first soccer festival for emerging Mexico, who has seen its youth lift the World Cup U-17 twice in 2005 and 2011 , won the Olympic gold medal in London 2012 and has become increasingly more respected on the soccer field. The word GOLA represents the highest expression of our passion for football, it is a combination of the words GOL (goal), the ultimate goal of every game, and OLA (wave), that mythical celebration in stadiums that Mexicans gave the world in 1986.

“Let us live soccer.”

What were the results of the campaign?

2,000 + attendees

We got the support of more than 2,000 soccer fans.

Synergy between sponsors

In its first year we received support from major soccer related brands: Gatorade , Banamex , XBOX and the Mexico City government.

Talk of the town

We managed to create a national #hashtag on Twitter with 4.5 potential impacts.

A digital community

In just a few weeks we were able to connect a large a digital community on social networks, with more than 7,000 fans on Facebook and 1,500 followers on Twitter .