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Lucas Local





October 2015 to present

These days, dozens of restaurants spontaneously appear in the city only to close in a couple of months. Despite the culinary boom that put all eyes on Mexico City, few restaurants offer a unique overall experience and especially one where food is the main focus.


Establish a place that offers a different experience to diners not only with extraordinary food , but also with a unique atmosphere that is cohesive to each element of the restaurant.

Challenge –

How to offer a new and unique place in a city where restaurants come and go everyday? On top of being in the middle of the gastronomic boom.

The idea –

It was essential to pay close attention to every aspect of the experience going to the restaurant; not just the food but every part of the establishment. From the moment you set foot in place, it was critical to impress and delight all senses of diners.

We knew the right combination of elements to create an extraordinary experience. We put together all the pieces – hired two of the most relevant and daring chefs of contemporary Mexican cuisine: Ale Coppel and Alex Suastegui, placed a major focus on mixology with a fresh and diverse cocktail menu, plus a ” galactic ” setting with plants and meteorites combined exotic music .

How did we do it? –

We made all the elements of the Lucas Local experience consistent with explorative mood to experience something unique in the city . Publications called out our perceptual skills and a galactic atmosphere that created an imminent explosion of senses, from taking culinary risks with Mexican food to playing unconventional music.


We created the concept I AM LUCAS because Lucas Local is a state of satisfaction full of delicious food, fine music, and a cosmic, tropical atmosphere.

“The first tropical cosmic place in Mexico City.”

What were the results of the place?

Positive reviews

Local Lucas has been reviewed not only by culinary publications and city guides but also by publications applauding the design, trend, and creativity that attracted a diverse audience.

The #1 for Gastronauta

Gastronauta , one of the most influential gastronomy social media accounts, elected Lucas Local as the best new restaurant in 2015 in CDMX .

Large presence on Instagram

The #lucaslocal hashtag has generated more than 2,500 photos on Instagrm, and more than 4,000 people follow the Lucas Local account, thanks to the atmosphere and presentation of dishes that make a visual feast.

Space of insporation

Lucas Local has become a place of culinary excellence that also gathers art lovers and the creative community. It is a space for film and photography as well as venue for musicians and music lovers to share their favorite tracks.