-Michelob Ultra-






May 2016

There are many tennis aficionados in Mexico, however there are no events to the level of their passion. It is a passion for connoisseurs, like Michelob Ultra beer. And for the Michelob Ultra launch in Monterrey we decided to do something unique and emblematic: an exhibition match between Agassi and Sampras, two tennis legends. Both players have been an example of the active lifestyle that Michelob Ultra supports. Hence 2016 will be remembered for a historic match between this pair of aces.


For the official launch of Michelob ULTRA in Monterrey , the first premium light beer in the Modelo AB / InBev portfolio, the brand needed to hold an event that would capture the city’s attention. The event needed to showcase the royal taste and generate as much noise in media as possible, with an emphasis on social media.

Challenge –

How to achieve an unforgettable event for the city of Monterrey? Specifically, linking the brand values of Michelob ULTRA , a beer that speaks to consumers with an active and healthy life.

The idea –

We decided to hold a match between two great tennis legends Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras in one of the most exclusive sports clubs Monterrey: the Sierra Madre Tennis Club.

An event that would also attract attention of tennis fans and the entire city . Along with the match, we would carry out various activities from a VIP dinner, an exclusive party and a stunt where Agassi played a game of ping pong to surprise fans. All these unforgettable moments were made possible by Michelob ULTRA . What better way to enjoy a light premium beer while you watch two titans of tennis compete in an epic match.

How did we do it? –

We took the significance of two legends meeting one another to plan a set of activities beyond a party. We started with a press conference with the presence of Sampras , Agassi and the brand. For a PR stunt a day before the meeting, Agassi surprised the city playing tennis at a downtown shopping center. A gala dinner with special food pairings to match Michelob ULTRA , meet & greets with the players, and a VIP cocktail to celebrate a memorable event. In an especially emotional moment Agassi announced his retirement from the courts, thanking to the people of Monterrey, who made MATCH of ACES even more significant.


We created MATCH OF ACES PRESENTED BY Michelob Ultra, a unique event between two great tennis players, who carried the sport to another level. An unforgettable experience for all tennish fans in Monterrey, and the perfect setting for Michelob ULTRA position.

“Two legends in a unique meeting place for tennis lovers .”

What were the results of the event?

Soldout tickets

There were 2,500+ attendees plus media and special guests, making it a sold out event after less than two weeks of tickets going on sale.

Three national trending topics

We achieved three national trending topics, #MatchofAches #TeamSampras and #TeamAgassi, on the day of the final Champions League.

Large impact on social media

We reached 16,380,882 impacts on social media, gained 228,000 more followers and increase engagement by 5.5%

6.5 million on ROI

The event was featured in more than 55 print media, radio, and TV, plus an aggressive OOH campaign, all of which achieved an ROI of more than 6.5 million pesos.