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Mercurial Speed Room







June 2016

In the summer of soccer fever with the development of two of the most important tournaments in the world: the European Championships and the Copa America Centenario, Nike Soccer decided to globally launch their new model of cleats: Nike Mercurial Superfly. These cleats were supported by one of the best players today : Cristiano Ronaldo. Along with a series of interactive activities in major cities around the world, CDMX was no exception.


We needed to create an interactive installation that would allow potential customers to live the essence of Mercurial: speed. With a design that reflected the same making: minimalist with lightweight materials and a graphic traction pattern. But most importantly, they could try the product before anyone else in Mexico.

Challenge –

How to achieve a test product true to the innovative spirit of Nike, through a truly interactive installation and also generate digital buzz?

The idea –

In short , we knew that the best way was to create a space with the latest technology so that consumers could experiment all the innovation behind the new Mercurial Superfly V and above all, challenge their speed. A quality that soccer should have with and without the ball.

In the Mercurial Speed Room we tested potential consumers against the fastest player in Mexico : Jürgen Damm.


We create a racing circuit where potential consumers would test their speed against Jürgen Damm, who finished the circuit in just 9.31 seconds.

At the same time we used a screen set up along the circuit to display results.

People tried the Mercurial Superfly and and took a photo in a special photoboot , that created a filter with graphic design patterns that they could share on social media.


So we created the mercurial SPEED ROOM , an interactive installation where the challenge was to test your speed, using the latest Nike Soccer technology.

“Are you fast enough?”

What were the results of the interactive installation?

+1000 product trials

In only 3 weekends we had more than 1,011 product trials.

Large interaction

The test was very popular among consumers , many of whom returned several times to improve their times and completed the challenge even if they were not football fans .

Increased traffic on the website

We increased traffic on nike.com with more than 753 interactions.

Digital amplification

Thanks to photobooth generating a photo with the Mercurial filter, a range of over 850 thousand impacts were achieved.