Street Marketing


November 2014

In Mexico, running has become one of the most popular sports, with more runners every day. Every year there are countless races that are quite the event.

NIKE SPORTSWEAR, the lifestyle category of the brand, decided to take advantage of the most important time of year, their race WE RUN, to launch their new collection: NIKE AIR MAX BREATHE, a classic of the running track that became an icon of city and urban culture.


To create a promotional platform for the launching of the new NIKE AIR MAX BREATHE to NIKE SPORTSWEAR audience in an authentic way and directed to young people, taking advantage of the popularity of NIKE WE RUN in order to amplify the launch even more.

Challenge –

How to attract new young runners through a authentic connection between Running and NIKE SPORTSWEAR within the framework of the NIKE WE RUN race?

The idea –

We identified an element that unites every young person in the city, including runners as well as sneakerheads: MUSIC.

Whether it be at concerts, festivals , in the subway or listening to a playlist while running in the park; urban youth move with music. That was our starting point.

We decided to provoke the sneakerheads and runners to chase us throughout the city, rather than every other brand, who seeks out their consumers during a launch.

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How did we do it? –

We restored a vintage Combi van and filled it with different sizes, models and colors of NIKE AM BREATHE.

We toured the most prominent districts of Mexico City in this vehicle releasing various clues to our location in conjunction with REACTOR 105.7 FM and different speakers and influencers.


A rally held in conjunction with the main alternative radio station in Mexico City (REACTOR 105.7) that challenged the runners and sneakerheads to accumulate kilometers in NIKE + APP, decipher clues on selected songs to find our van and get new NIKE AIR MAX BREATHE before anyone else.

“We made runners and sneakerheads chase all over the city.”

What were the results of the campaign?

3,000+ participants in the event

167 people registered to win a pair of AIR MAX BREATHE, participate in the NIKE WE RUN race and for passes to the Reactor 105.7 FM party.

+4,000 app downloads

The NIKE + app recorded more than 4,700 downloads during the activation period.

Large impact on social media

We increased followers on Twitter by 28% impacting more than 876,939 accounts on that social network.

+ 2 million impacts

More than 2,800,000 impressions on social networks were achieved thanks to the support of Reactor 105.7 FM.