Street Marketing


June 2014

Mexico is a country that does not consider skateboarding as a professional sport, so there are no places with an optimal level of quality for the practice of this discipline. For this reason, those who want to skate, i.e. brands looking to promote themselves or the general public, must build pop-up skateparks that are temporary, lasting only a few days or even hours.

By 2013, Nike SB had done everything: created a skate park over 200 meters high in the Tower of Latinoamericana in Mexico City, organized an event to celebrate the dead in the mystical town of Xochimilco and mounted a pop -up park in Zocalo, the largest public square in the city and the country.

It was time to do something more. Our challenge was to do something that managed to transcend time.


It was time to do something different for everyone, including athletes, fans and the general public. We wanted to do something lasting, that would become infrastructure for the sport and an exclusive space for skateboarders.

So the mission to create the only permanent skatepark in Mexico with international certification emerged.

Challenge –

How to make something relevant that was not just  huge investment?

It should be something meaningful for the public, something that reflected the brand ‘s commitment to society and, conceptually, should be the national headquarters for Skate: Skateboarding temple.

La idea –

Build heritage for the sports brand as a legacy for the skateboarding community.

Templo Mayor Nike SB Web 9 Of 59
IMG_6633 Copia
Alberto Navarro Tailslide Copia
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Gustavo Servin Noseblunt Copia
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Luan Oliveira Hardflip Copia
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Templo Mayor Nike SB Web 9 Of 59 IMG 6633 Copia Alberto Navarro Tailslide Copia IMG 6583 Copia Gustavo Servin Noseblunt Copia IMG 6584 Copia 2 Luan Oliveira Hardflip Copia IMG 6585 Copia IMG 6581 Copia IMG 6587 Copia Templo Mayor Nike SB Web 22 Of 59 Templo Mayor Nike SB Web 26 Of 59 Templo Mayor Nike SB Web 47 Of 59 Templo Mayor Nike SB Web 50 Of 59

How did we do it? –

We looked to the Government of Mexico City and the Institute of Youth (INJUVE) to jointly achieve permanent permission and by government decree of land owned by the Government for the creation of the skatepark.

Architecture began with international park standards by California State Parks, who create the best skate circuits in the world. Their certification made our park the first Street League (X Games) qualified park in Latin America.


The park was named in honor of the Templo Mayor event held a year earlier in the Zocalo of Mexico City.

We constructed a skatepark more than 1,800 square meters, which included 12 ramps, 7 rails, 4 booths of steps and several tubes along the track.

“The first skatepark with Street League international certification in Latin America”

What were the results of the campaign?

+ 300 thousand skaters per year

A daily rotation of 900 skateboarders and 302,400 annually. The major global construction project by Nike sports infrastructure during 2014.

350 videos

More than 350 organic videos used in media communication that accumulated more than 500,000 views.

ROI of + 1 million USD

Five days after the event, we recorded a return on media investment of+ 1 million USD with an initial outlay of 0 USD. 600,000 direct impacts on social media during the inauguration.

+ 580 media communications.

More than 580 media outlets reviewed the event, including television, press and digital, all boosted the brand with positive mentions.