-National College-

Pensar la Muerte





October 2016

The national college is an institution that unites writers, scientists, philosophers and artists with the intent to spread knowledge as a cultural community to the Mexican society.

With this task in hand the National College carried out their most important event of the year: a meeting of more than 50 scientists and intellectuals from all over the world to “Pensar a Muerte” (think about death) through conferences, round table discussions, concerts and from the point of view diverse disciplines that ranged from biology, physics, astronomy to philosophy, music or literature.

All in one week of daily events from October 16th to 22nd.


To spread word of The National College’s most important event of the year not just among the academic community, but to an audience that included all members of Mexican society, and most importantly young adults. It was fundamental that we had good amplification of the event in order to guarantee announcement of the event and a full auditorium for every event.

Challenge –

Even though these events are free entry, there are few cases in which they generate interest and attendance from people outside of the academic community. How does one attract an audience that is not interested in culture or science to such an event? How do you invite the non-academic public in a way that appeals to them?

The idea –

The proposal was to accomplish a campaign to advertise the event outside of the usual academic magazines and periodicals. For the first time we made The National College a campaign primarily in digital through social media advertising, 3D gifs, advertising content, and ad banners on major websites popular among millennials. With this we were able to reach a new audience and cost per impact, achieving a cheaper campaign and reaching more people than a traditional campaign.

We reinforced the digital campaign with out of home advertising in Metrobuses and key transit points for students and young professionals in Condesa, Roma, Juarez and Coyoacán neighborhoods.

The entire campaign led to a landing page pensarlamuerte.mx with all information about the gathering and option to live stream every event.


We generated different content for the digital campaign. Rather than the classic flyer, we created a different graphic proposal inspired by illustrations of antique books and maps embodied in 3D GIFs with all the event information. With attractive content we achieved investment optimization on Facebook and Twitter receiving an organic viral response.

We took the risk of being in magazines like Sopitas, Vice, Cultura Colectiva whose main target is millennials but do not normally advertise for things such as The National College. The key was to seem natural to the audience on these sites and effectively broadcast the event.

The strategy was divided into phases, a teaser to begin spreading word of the event, advertising of each conference and broadcasting the live stream.

We designed the website pensarlamuerte.mx where you could find all the information for attending: a downloadable program with times and information about the speakers, live streaming of each conference and a guide of where to eat and what to do around the headquarters of the National College, created by Time Out (the magazine guide to Mexico City).


The concept and general idea of the campaign was to use online platforms like social media and an interactive landing page to get word out and to use content formats like GIFs and mini 30 second videos to translate those words. The National College had never used those types of resources before.

«Think about death in order to think about the immortality of life».

What were the results of the campaign?

Full auditorium for the entire event

More than 10,500 attendees in total leaving every event full.

Major traffic on social media

More than 5.9 million impacts reached on Facebook, growing the community 360% from 15 thousand to 65 thousand.

+20,000 online spectators

More than 20K online views with and average of 250-300 viewers per event following the live stream.

Online interaction

The website recieved more than 45k individual visitors in only 2 weeks resulting in over 360k digital interactions.