Street MKT


November 2014

NIKE SB has proposed the most unlikely places to install sophisticated skateparks to skate in the streets, parks and public spaces. Among the most memorable feats were the 28th floor of the Torre Latinoamericana of CDMX, a skatepark on trajineras in Xochimilco, a camp skate in a monastery, skating in schools, and a skatepark in the Zocalo (Constitution Square).

As the top promoter of skateboarding on the planet, NIKE SB has driven the talent of the best skaters, turning them into brand ambassadors and thus forming the largest team of athletes globally.


Take a new public space and create a unique experience that unites athletes with their followers, generating engagement through skateboarding.

Challenge –

The athletes of NIKE SB global team are recognized stars worldwide, and have an enormous amount of followers in Latin America. Uniting them for the first time with their fans would be a memorable event in and of itself.

Then… why not use the most recognized stars of the team to create a tour? Present them in the most emblematic places in five Latin American countries with the highest concentration of skate fans.

The idea –

So was born the RUTA PANAMERICANA NIKE SB, a tour that showcased the most globally prominent components of NIKE SB, that linked the public of Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Mexico and USA (Los Angeles) along the Ruta Panamericana (Latin American route), the only road linking North and South American, from Alaska to Argentina.

An experience that brought the international talent back to the streets, unifying the region through a single language: skateboarding.

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How did we do it? –

NIKE SB Mexico coordinated efforts internally with the Nike office in each country to activate the event that corresponded to their city, achieving approval for the initiative as a single event in the region.

We called on the members of the team with the highest number of followers in the region: PAUL RODRIGUEZ, SHANE O’NEILL, ISHOD WAIR , LUAN OLIVEIRA, THEOTIS BEASLEY , YOUNESS AMRANI and KARSTEN KLEPPAN .

We also identified the cities with the most fans: BUENOS AIRES, SÃO PAULO, LIMA, MEXICO CITY and LOS ANGELES.


A tour with the main figures of NIKE SB global skateboarding team, arriving to Latin American countries with the highest passion for skateboarding: RUTA PANAMERICANA.

“NIKE SB created an extraordinary experience in cities’ public spaces.”

What were the results of the campaign?

+20,000 attendees

More than 4,000 people attended the event in CDMX and 20,000 in total.

Special Edition

A special edition of NIKE SB sneakers was created to commemorate the event.

Amplified in social media

6,000,000 impressions on social media, 320 thousand views on Youtube and more than 20,000 posts with the hashtag #sbpanam.

Huge media coverage

More than 150 different media communications reviewed and amplified the event in Mexico and Latin America.