She Makes History





November 2016

Facebook is conscious of the key role women play in the global economy, and their growing presence in every industry. With that in mind, Facebook decided to carry out Ella Hace Historia (She Makes History), an event in the major cities of Latin America – Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo – where they held conferences and discussions about the future female and her role in the entrepreneurial world along with skillset workshops.


To carry out an event in Mexico addressing female entrepreneurs that served as a forum of empowerment and educated participants about the tools Facebook offers to boost their projects.

Challenge –

Everyday there is a plethora of marketing, advertising and start up events, how does one achieve an event that stirs interest among female entrepreneurs?

The idea –

To make an event attractive to female entrepreneurs where their work would be recognized, and they could listen and share experiences about their businesses. A fundamental goal of the event was to generate an environment of confidence with spaces and activities that encouraged exchange of ideas and allowed participants to draw inspiration from successful women in diverse fields.

The most important, however, was to acknowledge the role Facebook can place in helping their projects reach higher potentials.


We though of the event in two major aspects: inspiration and exchange of ideas.

For the inspiration section of the event we had eight conferences with stories from female entrepreneurs in the medical, nutrition, and business fields, we also had the Olympic gymnast Alexa Moreno who competed in Rio, and the star reporter on Televisa Karla Iberia Sánchez share their stories.

For the exchange of ideas we had “Facebook and Instagram for business” presentation as well as a lounge area and playful activity that consisted of customized workshops on Facebook’s diverse platforms and the best way to use them according to each project.


Many countries that are still experiencing major economic growth are those where female roles in the economy, culture and politics are becoming ever more pertinent. Facebook wants to encourage all those women building companies, generating business in Latin America and breaking out of the chains of a historically macho culture. So what is better than an event that serves to share knowledge, tools and contact like Ella Hace Historia [She Makes History].


«An event for women, by women»

What were the results of the event?


We had close to 500 leading entrepreneurial Mexican women attend

Conversation on social media

The hashtag #EllaHaceHistoria generated more than 165 thousand impacts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Live feed

We had more than 10,000 spectators of the event on Facebook Live.

Replica in other countries

The transcendence of the event was so much that it was broadcasted to other Latin American countries like Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo.