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December 2015

The level of connectivity and use of multi- media has pluged us into the digital world , making us ignore the wonders the real world has to offer. So we decided to create the TIME OUT OFFLINE NAVIGATION MAG , a device capable of blocking wifi, 4G, 3G and nearby Bluetooth signals, allowing the user to disconnect from the online world and reconnect with their city by Time Out magazine, the best guide CDMX.


Time Out Mexico is very popular on a digital level, but there was a need to attract more attention towards the printed version. The aim was clear : to position the magazine as a tool that allows readers to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with their city.

Challenge –

How to make a new relevant account, print edition of a magazine? We are immersed in a digital society where consumption of print media is constantly decreasing.

The idea –

The problem was clear and the solution was even clearer, we needed to make our readers mobile devices useless, making them mere pieces of metal and thus force them to experience their city in a way that changed the way they related to their surroundings.

The execution of the idea was simple. Time Out Offline Navigation Mag came in a box able to block the signal of nearby mobile devices, containing a blocking signal that intercepted all frequencies (4G / 4G LTE , GSM / CDMA , wireless / Bluetoothy GPS). This electronic noise prevented phones, tablets , computers and televisions from functioning until the box with Time Out Offline Navigation Mag was closed.

How did we do it? –

We collaborated with a group of experts to develop in perfect sync program that could perform blocking the signal while browsing through the magazine, then carried out the production of the boxes to be sent to opinion leaders through PR efforts to encourage them to leave their homes , explore the city and enjoy it.


TIME OUT OFFLINE NAVIGATION MAG, a way to disconnect from the online world and reconnect with your city.

“Escape from the digital would and discover the real world”

What were the results of the action?

Increased +80 distribution points

We increased the number of spots that wanted to distribute the magazine by more than 80 places, including museums, restaurants and universities.

35% + traffic to the website

Paradoxically, traffic to the magazine website grew 35 %.

Increased advertisers by 12%

We saw a 12% increase in clients wishing to advertise in the print and online version.

Big noise on social media

Thanks to opinion leaders, we increased our social network community by 7.5%