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June 2016

Mexico has the second highest rate of homophobic crimes in the world and is a country with a high amount of discrimination against gay, lesbian, transsexual, and bisexual people, who are now the largest minority. Media is key to reverse this situation.



Since its creation, TIME OUT MEXICO has had a space for expressions, demands and activities for the LGBT community. During LGBT pride month, it was necessary that TIMEOUT was involved; taking the flag of inclusion , giving the necessary importance and spreading this message to the entire city . What better to do on our main space : the cover.

Challenge –

How to capitalize on the editorial efforts of Time Out Mexico in an action that amplifies the message against discrimination and at supports an inclusive culture in CDMX ?

The idea –

During LGB pride month in Mexico City, we decided to show our support for our LGBT readers and send a message of equality throughout society .

We did it on our own skin by changing the cover of our monthly issue to a transparent cover as a symbol of equality with a powerful message on it :

“The label doesn’t matter, what’s inside matters. #PRIDE”

The content of this edition, as well as the brands in it, were related mostly to LGBT messages and activities during the month, turning the magazine into a guide solely for the LGBT community.


We sent this transparent edition to all Time Out distribution points, LGBT discussion forums, LGBT events (such as Gay march CDMX ) and used Instagram and Twitter influencers, rock bands , partners of Time Out, and our social media followers to helped spread the message. The magazine sold out fastest in its history.


Thus we decided that our cover should be transparent , to testify that what matters is what is on the inside.

“The label doesn’t matter, what’s inside matters. #PRIDE”

What were the results of the cover?

Soldout edition

The magazine sold out in it first week of distribution.

Everyone talked about it

The cover sparked conversation in other media outlets, leading to more than 15 articles and earned an average of $30,000 USD in total.

$0 peso budget

More than 700,000 digital impressions with a  $0 media budget.

Everyone wanted their photo

During the march we had a landmark where you could take your picture with the cover, logging more than 1,245 photos on social networks.