November 2015

Mexico has one of the largest gaming communities in the world. Mexicans are passionate about video games regardless of sex and age. Undeniably XBOX has become the favorite console in Mexico and we should do something for this community of XBOX GAMERS that continues to grow daily.


Every year XBOX does very well in Mexico and what better way to continue doing that than by rewarding the most loyal gamers? We did this through an experience to live all that represents XBOX and also achieve impacts on social networks and in the media.

Challenge –

Someone who is considered a true gamer spends hours playing in front of their screen, How to make something attractive enough to get a gamer out of their home? How to offer them all that adrenaline they get from completing a game?

The idea –

All video game events revolve around consoles and new titles, so we decided to make a unique event where experience revolved around gamers. What would you like to do for a weekend gamer if you had the life of a gamer? What would motivate gamers to leave their home? No better excuse to leave than to continue playing video games and what’s better than to play the latest titles before anyone else?

In addition we gave an added value: a festival designed for them, where they could live real experiences related to each title, learn the history of XBOX through a museum, a food court with food trucks , plus a Game Planet store with promotional items. All the ingredients necessary for a gamer spend an amazing weekend.

How did we do it? –

We converted the Photo Museum for a total experience for gamers with 104 gaming stations, 8 titles with unique experiences like: A Climbing Wall and Boot Camp Circuit conjuring the title Rise of Tomb Rider, shootout Challenge, a Photoboomb Halo 5, the Knock Out Killer Instinct Arena representing a Locus Shooting to experience Gears of War, a highway of electronic Forza 6 carts and Dance Central tournament with great prizes for the finalists. There was a food trucks area and a mobile shop in collaboration with Game Planet, so that gamers could acquire the latest titles.


So we created XBOX FAN FEST, the first festival to celebrate the  XBOX community over an entire weekend.

“A unique experience for Mexican gamers.”

What were the results of the event?

Large attendance

We united more than 4,000 gamers from all over Mexico.

Amplification on social media

The official event hashtag, #XBOXFanFest, was used in more than 14, 800 posts, and had a reach of 1.5 million impacts.

+1,000 hours of gaming

They accumulated +1,000 hours of playing on the 104 stations we installed.

ROI on press

The festival received media coverage from over 60 publications, beyond those specialized in video games, resulting in an ROI of close to 3 million pesos.