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GEARS OF WAR is one of the most successful video game franchises in history. In 2015 the re-mastered version was launched, the fascination sparked a cult following among gamers worldwide.


To have a big celebration for the latest release of the Gears of War saga, it was an unforgettable experience for all fans, who could play before anybody else and allowed for press to generate awareness about the new edition to media and potential XBOX customers.

Challenge –

How to celebrate the historic launch of a video game an epic way? How to surprise gamers and create a unique event for fans of the franchise?

The idea –

What was the only way to offer an epic event? Creating GEARS OF WAR in real life for followers to live in the flesh.

We decided to find a unique location where we could recreate the ruins of SERA, where the battles take place. We planned a day completely dedicated to GEARS OF WAR and everything that revolves around this mythical game. We invited speakers, art creators, and developers of the saga, plus the guests who would play before anyone else at the new release of GOW.

How did we do it? –

We recruit the most seasoned gamers and fans of GEARS OF WAR through social networks and specialized media . They had to meet three challenges which demonstrated their ability to end the Locust threat. Culminating their mission playing before anyone else in the world: GEARS OF WAR , Ultimate Battle. Giving gamers an immersive and powerful experience.


We recreated the first real life battle of GEARS OF WAR. Housed in the perfect setting to generate the setting and atmosphere of the game, welcome to GEARS OF WAR: ULTIMATE BATTLE.

“The gamers experienced the first real-life battle of Gears of Wars”

What were the results of the event?

300+ lucky ones

+300 fortunate gamers, media and customers went, witnessed and lived this unique experience.

Generated conversation

+1400 Tweets with the event hashtag #GOWUltimateBattle.

Large impact on social media

We achieved more than 16 million impacts, over 320 photos on social media, and over 8,200 likes.

Presence of clients

We achieved a major presence in retail and wholesale for XBOX customers, resulting a greater number of orders and sales.